pressSIGN Introduction 2015

pressSIGN Introduction 2015

pressSIGN Global Print Management

pressSIGN Global Print Management

8 Mins pressSIGN 5 Video Overview

pressSIGN Video Overview

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"One month before our PSO-ISO 12647 press audit our friends from Ugra informed us that they only certify presses with a scanning measurement system. This was a big problem for us since automated press control systems in the market are a bit pricey for us. Furthermore, to have a working system in our press in a month seems impossible.
We contacted Bodoni and luckily we were able to find a cost-effective solution using an EyeOne Pro, pressSIGN pro, and an extended ruler to scan the color target "...

Larry Sison
Alyaum Printing Complex
Saudi Arabia


News and Information
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Become a pressSIGN Expert
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Save money and time with pressSIGN
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