pressSIGN Global Print Management

pressSIGN Global Print Management

8 Mins pressSIGN 5 Video Overview

pressSIGN Video Overview

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inkWIZE video presentation

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"Our success as printers is based on the quality of our print and pressSIGN and proofSIGN work together to ensure we meet our customers expectations.
Since we have started using both pressSIGN and proofSIGN we now know that we can match the proof on the press. This means we can show the client and our operators a proof that they can rely on.
The ability to import an ICC profile and make it our standard means we can always print what the customer wants."...

Soren Poulsen
Morseo Folkeblad


News and Information
Multicolour printing
Wide Gamut Printing offers great savings for printers
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Save money and time with pressSIGN
Survey shows most printers waste over 600,000 sheets every year
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pressSIGN 6 - Ryobi Presses
pressSIGN automatically connects to Ryobi presses
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Color Management Conference
See pressSIGN 6 at Color Management Conference Phoenix AZ, Dec 6-9
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G7 Certification for pressSIGN 6
IDEAlliance® awards pressSIGN 6 G7® System Certification
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Harlequin Partner Network
pressSIGN joins Harlequin Partner Network
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Graph Expo 2014
See the latest pressSIGN 6 at Graph Expo Chicago - booth 4457
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