pressSIGN 8 General Overview

pressSIGN 8 General Overview

pressSIGN proof verification

pressSIGN proof verification

pressSIGN 8 Extended Gamut Printing

pressSIGN 8 Extended Gamut Printing

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"Since GPS has started using ProofSIGN and PressSIGN any doubt has been removed from proof to press colour management.
We now have confidence that our proofs are an accurate ISO 12647-2 colour reproduction of artwork, for both coated and uncoated stocks, and that they can be accurately matched on press.
We continuously utilise PressSIGN to monitor our press reproduction ensuring that we not only consistently conform to ISO standard but that we achieve an 'excellent' percentage pass. We find"...

Bryan McClay
GPS Colour Graphics-Belfast
United Kingdom


News and Information
pressSIGN 9.2 Webex
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pressSIGN 9.2 released

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pressSIGN 9 launch
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Expert Training 2018
pressSIGN Expert Training - March 20 & 21

A success

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pressSIGN 8.3 Launched
pressSIGN 8.3 is now released

More great new features free for pressSIGN 8 users
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pressSIGN 8.2 released
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Release of pressSIGN 8.1
pressSIGN 8.1 release with support for Intellitrax 2 - M1 support
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