pressSIGN 8 General Overview

pressSIGN 8 General Overview

pressSIGN proof verification

pressSIGN proof verification

pressSIGN 8 Extended Gamut Printing

pressSIGN 8 Extended Gamut Printing

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"I am so excited to announce our new fully process controlled approach to printing with pressSIGN! Let me tell you a little about what we have done to achieve this goal and how it is going to affect our business going forward! Today Western Trade Printing is printing more accurately and more consistently than we ever have. We are utilizing full spectral scanning and pressSIGN software to close the loop between Prepress and Press and we are on the cutting edge of pressroom and prepre"...

Bob Gardener
Western Trade Printing
United States


pressSIGN 9.2 Webex   Date: Monday 18 February, 2019

Watch the pressSIGN 9.2 webex

pressSIGN 9.2 Webex

Watch the webex for this major upgrade to pressSIGN.

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