pressSIGN 8 General Overview

pressSIGN 8 General Overview

pressSIGN proof verification

pressSIGN proof verification

pressSIGN 8 Extended Gamut Printing

pressSIGN 8 Extended Gamut Printing

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"We constantly use both proof and pressSIGN to maintain the quality standards on our proofs and presses. It's so easy to use and ensures our production always meets our standards and keeps the customer pleased."...

Lars Jacobsen
Merkur Trykk


pressSIGN at DRUPA   Date: Monday 07 March, 2016

pressSIGN enjoys success at DRUPA

DRUPA - A big success for pressSIGN

pressSIGN on other stands


pressSIGN or OEM versions of our software appeared on two digital print machine manufacturers stands, one press manufacturer and a spectrophotometer supplier.


Our stand in The Innovation Park was busy throughout the show with visitors from 70 countries. I was surpirsed by the number of people from South America who came over to our stand.


Several major deals were agreed with existing dealers and their customers. 


We began discussions with 7 new dealers which we hope to finalise by the end of the summer. 


Renewing acquaintancies 

One of the things we always look forward to at a show like DRUPA is seeing existing customers and dealers. It’s never the same communicating by email, phone, skype or teamviewer. Actually shaking someones hand and chatting face to face is a far better way to a deeper understanding of the other person.


New - pressSIGN 8

It was great to see all the dealers who came over with their customers to show them the latest version of pressSIGN due out at the end of July.


It was heartening to hear all the positive comments about the new version. Of particular interest for many was the incorporation of proofSIGN and ISO 12647-7 into pressSIGN 8. Verifying both proof and final press sheet with the same hardware and software was seen as a great advantage. 


Those customers involved in packaging were excited about the ability to use multi-colour profiles as the press target  to control and score Expanded Gamut printing. There are large savings open to packaging printers who’ll money with reduced washing-up and by ganging multiple jobs. pressSIGN 8 will accept 6,7or 8 color profiles. Typically a 7 color profile with CMYK, plus Orange Grewn and Violet will cover almost all the Pantone range of colors.


DRUPA Overall

There was a very positive atmosphere throughout the show. Visitor numbers were up and no one was talking about the end of print. But print is changing. The accolade for the largest exhibition space moved from Heidelberg to HP. HP’s hall 17 was buzzing, filled with a wide variety of Indigos and large flat format inkjet printers.


Digital had grown significantly in the last four years. Companies like Ricoh had changed dramatically offering inkjet production machines along with a wide variety of toner devices.


At the same time traditional press manufacturers were reporting record sales. 


If you’ve never been to DRUPA it’s worth a visit. You’ll then realise how extensive and diverse is the world of print.