pressSIGN 8 General Overview

pressSIGN 8 General Overview

pressSIGN proof verification

pressSIGN proof verification

pressSIGN 8 Extended Gamut Printing

pressSIGN 8 Extended Gamut Printing

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"Introducing pressSIGN into our quality control process resulted in a dramatic increase in colour quality within the first week. We quickly identified weaknesses in our workflow, very easily adjusted our plate curves based on pressSIGNs recommendations, and began meeting ISO 12647 on every run.

pressSIGN is an invaluable tool that has become an integral part of our workflow. It's easy to use, intuitive interface has provided us with the single greatest tool we have to ensure our customers "...

Sixton Kadel
FNP Printing & Publishing
United States


Mac Sierra   Date: Monday 03 October, 2016

New Mac operating system, Sierra (OS10.12) needs pressSIGN 8

Upgrade to Mac operating system Sierra

If you upgrade to Mac Sierra (10.12) pressSIGN 7 or earlier will no longer operate. The only version of pressSIGN that will work with the latest MAC OS is pressSIGN 8.

Please do not upgrade to Sierra unless you are also prepared to upgrade to pressSIGN 8.