pressSIGN 8 General Overview

pressSIGN 8 General Overview

pressSIGN proof verification

pressSIGN proof verification

pressSIGN 8 Extended Gamut Printing

pressSIGN 8 Extended Gamut Printing

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"Good colormanagement is a must for every reproduction or printing company.
Already in the design stage proper settings and supply's are necessary in order to see and predict the end result, pressSign is for us a very important application.
According to the product description; "Control your press". pressSIGN brings you to the position where it's possible to really control the end result.
With this software you can monitor your press and printing quality according to, for example the I"...

Roelof ten Brinke
Giethoorn Media Group


pressSIGN Softproof Module

pressSIGN Softproof Module

pressSIGN SoftProof FREE with pressSIGN-Pro and Trends Clients

Save time and money with the pressSIGN softproofing option. No more hard copy proofs and time consuming press passes.The pressSIGN softproofing module is included with pressSIGN Multi-Site Internet Server and pressSIGN-Pro. Use pressSIGN softproofing on the press floor, in the production office or from any pressSIGN-Pro or Trends client anywhere in the world.

Seeing is believing and the new pressSIGN softproofing option lets you see how the job is printing and the impact the paper color or measurements will have on the original print target. In addition the pressSIGN softproofing option will show you the expected results of updating the tonal adjustment curve.

In the example below we can see the benefit of updating the tonal curve using 4CX technology. The right hand side shows how the press sheet is currently printing. The left hand side shows what would happen if the tonal curve was updated with a new set of plates.

How pressSIGN Softproof works

Create an 8 bit Tiff of your PDF or document, this can easily be done in many pre-press workflows or Adobe® PhotoShop®.

Open the Tiff file in the pressSIGN softproof module. If you haven't made a measurement yet you can compare the target standard and measure the proposed paper stock with any supported measurement device and see the impact of the choice of paper on the image.

After measurements have been made in pressSIGN then compare any two of the following:

  • Print target
  • Target and paper color
  • Measured sheet or group of sheets
  • Measured sheet plus the impact of adjusting the curves
  • Measured sheet plus the ink zones
  • Measured sheet plus the ink zones and the impact of adjusting the curves

This makes it easy to see if the printed job meets the customer's expectations and if it's necessary to update the tonal curve in the RIP or PDF workflow.

Is my monitor good enough?

To make an accurate softproof you need a good quality monitor and the right ambient light. pressSIGN Softproof module includes viewSIGN software. viewSIGN is designed to test whether your monitor is capable of showing the full range of colors.

Profile the monitor with the X-Rite Eye-One Pro or i1 Display2 so that you are maximizing the color gamut of the screen. Open viewSIGN and select a target ICC profile and measure the screen with the Eye-One Pro or i1 Display2. viewSIGN will give your monitor a score. Ideally your monitor will score 100% but scores in the high 90s will be sufficient to produce a very accurate representation of the printed image.

Using pressSIGN Softproof

The pressSIGN Softproof module included with all pressSIGN-Pro or Trends clients. Use the softproof module beside the press to help the operator compare the customers expectations with the actual job. Use the Softproof module in the production or pre-press office to visual monitor press runs and to help decide if a new tonal curve is needed.

Using pressSIGN Softproof across the Internet

Users with pressSIGN Multi-Site Internet Server version can soft proof jobs remotely across the internet saving time and money. The quality control manager can visual check print performace at any production site whatever the printing process.

Print buyers can be assured that the job is being printed to their specifications. By using the Chat function of pressSIGN-Mobile, a part of pressSIGN Internet Server, buyers can instantly send instructions to the printer, as if they were standing by the press.

Why wait until the job is finished to discover it doesn't meet expectations?

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