Features – Flexibility, Any Press Type, Any Print Requirement


Whatever your role in the color print process, pressSIGN will help you improve quality and productivity. All versions of the software share the easy to use interface which shows an overall percentage score and traffic light indicator of quality.

Print buyers can create print standards which include the target, the tolerances and the acceptable quality level. Print buyers can lock the standard and export it to their print supplier so both parties know what is required from the printParts which you ought to split your paper into.

Operators enjoy the clear, single interface showing them how to adjust density to get to the lowest possible Delta E, either for each ink key across the press or averaged for the printed sheet.

PrePress departments can export tonal adjustment curves quickly to a wide variety of the most popular workflow & RIP formats, or the PDF workflow. In most cases without having to type in the adjustments manually and so maintaining production efficiency.

Print Managers use the analysis and reporting functions to monitor where problems arise and help resolve them. Reports show Job, Make-ready and Measurement times, enabling managers to compare the performance of different sites, presses, operators and shifts.