Features – Integration

pressSIGN Connectivity

pressSIGN directly supports all of the following spectrophotometers;

  • Barbieri SpectroLFP S3
  • Barbieri SpectroPad S2
  • Barbieri SpectroSwing S2
  • Color Sentinel CS-110
  • Konica Minolta FD-7
  • Konica Minolta MYIRO-1
  • Techkon SpectroDens
  • Techkon SpectroDrive (Pro only)
  • Techkon SpectroDrive NG (Pro only)
  • Techkon SpectroJet
  • Techkon SpectroJet 2
  • X-Rite 530
  • X-Rite EasyTrax Spectral (Pro only)
  • X-Rite eXact
  • X-Rite eXact AutoScan (Pro only)
  • X-Rite Eye-One Pro
  • X-Rite i1 Pro 2
  • X-Rite i1iO Table
  • X-Rite IntelliTrax Spectral (Pro only)
  • X-Rite IntelliTrax 2 Spectral (Pro only)
  • X-Rite iSis
  • X-Rite SpectroEye

Want to send ink key corrections into the press console? pressSIGN-Pro integrates with many third party closed loop systems including, but not limited to, Digital Information’s InkZone Loop, PrintFlow’s DIPS Online, Rutherford’s AutoPilot and many web based press systems.

Already have a closed loop system on your press? No problem, pressSIGN-Pro will accept data from a variety of different press consoles like Heidelberg’s Image Control, Axis Control, Inpress Control, Komori’s PDC-S, PDC-SII and PDC-SX, Roland’s ColorPilot, KBA’s DensiTronic, EgoTronic and QualiTronic, Ryobi PDS-E and many more press manufacturer’s closed loop systems. In nearly all of the above cases pressSIGN works in AutoMode and creates the job without any operator intervention.

See how pressSIGN-Pro can help you and your company improve print quality, meet clients expectations and lower costs. Download a demo of the latest version of the software today.