Features – Intuitive and Powerful

Intelligent Printing

pressSIGN provides color measurement data to help to control the printing process on all forms of production printing including offset, gravure, flexo, screen and digital devices enabling consistently accurate color throughout the job. It displays press adjustment information targetting international or custom standards.

Make-ready and preparation times are greatly reduced along with an improvement in print quality. Matching all international printing standards is easy. pressSIGN’s unique Dynamic Density Adjustment (DDA) makes matching spot and process solids simple. pressSIGN supports all major RIP formats. Exporting tonal curve adjustments to your RIP or PDF workflow is fast and effective.

Consistently accurate color is easier to achieve, whatever the print process, whatever the number of colors, whatever the color bar.


Whatever your role in the color print process, pressSIGN will help you improve quality and productivity. All versions of the software share the easy to use interface which shows an overall percentage score and traffic light indicator of quality.

Print buyers can create print standards which include the target, the tolerances and the acceptable quality level. Print buyers can lock the standard and export it to their print supplier so both parties know what is required from the print job.

Operators enjoy the clear, single interface showing them how to adjust density to get to the lowest possible Delta E, either for each ink key across the press or averaged for the printed sheet.

PrePress departments can export tonal adjustment curves quickly to a wide variety of the most popular workflow & RIP formats, or the PDF workflow. In most cases without having to type in the adjustments manually and so maintaining production efficiency.

Print Managers use the analysis and reporting functions to monitor where problems arise and help resolve them. Reports show Job, Make-ready and Measurement times, enabling managers to compare the performance of different sites, presses, operators and shifts.

Unique Features

  • Dynamic Density Adjustment
    For traditional offset, flexographic and gravure printers, pressSIGN’s unique Dynamic Density Adjustment (DDA) guides the operator to the lowest Delta E. By measuring only one solid patch DDA calculates the correct density adjustment. pressSIGN’s DDA dynamically responds to the current printing conditions accounting for paper, ink, chemistry and environment.
  • Dry Back Compensation
    It ensures the color is correct when the product arrives with the customer. All printers know there can be a color shift as the ink dries. pressSIGN users can quickly and easily compensate for this dry back for different in and paper properties both for process and spot colours.
  • Dot Gain/tone curve export
    pressSIGN offers 3 options for tonal curve calculation adjustments, traditional TVI (dot gain), 4CX (4 Color Exchange) and NPDC Neutral Print Density Curve for those familiar with GRACol G7 curves.
  • 4CX Technology
    It is a new way of achieving accurate grey balance using the data from ICC profiles and is of particular value with digital printing devices.
    Just apply the tonal curve adjustment recommended by pressSIGN to the RIP or PDF workflow and see the results – perfect grey balance.
  • Spot Colour Libraries
    PANTONE ® libraries are included with all versions of pressSIGN plus the ability to create custom spot colours & libraries which can be exported and shared with other users. pressSIGN can monitor from 1 to 16 colours, spot or process.
  • soft proofing
    – This is included with pressSIGN-Pro and Trends clients.
    – Compare on screen, the measured sheet with the print target.
    – The soft proof window lets you see the impact the paper color has on the image even before you begin printing.
    – See the difference between the printed sheet and the print target standard.
    – The soft proof module also allows you to Preview & simulate the effect of updating the tonal curves.