pressSIGN 8.3 Launched

Date: Tuesday 24 October, 2017

pressSIGN 8.3 is now released

More great new features free for pressSIGN 8 users

pressSIGN 8.3 Launched

The new version of pressSIGN 8 is now available to download free of charge for pressSIGN 8 and pressSIGN GPM users. Go to Help->Check for Updates.

The new version provides some great new features which

  • Define measurement condition
  • Select library by Measurement condition
  • Improvements to Automode
  • ColorDrive connectivity
  • Interpreting pressSIGN data
  • Connectivity – Spectrophotometers, closed loop and press connection
  • Help for flexo printers – minimum dot function
  • Better proofing label

New Measurement Conditions defined

The new version of pressSIGN 8 gives users the option of selecting the measurement condition that is being used.

This feature flows over to the choice of spot color libraries. For example, if M1 measurement condition is selected used to filter the spot color libraries if available. Below I have chosen M1 as my measurement condition and now I have selected The Pantone + series Uncoated library.

Where a M1 library is available then this will be indicated just to the left of the library name. The Pantone + series libraries are available in M0, M1, M2 and M3 modes. If pressSIGN is not aware of the measurement condition that created the library then no indication of the measurement condition will be shown.

Minimum Dot

Users can now set a minimum starting point for tonal adjustments. This is extremely useful for flexographic printers who may find it difficult to print dots as low as 5%. If the tonal curve adjsutment starts at 0 and the process doesn’t allow any image below 5% then the adjsutment created will show a hump rather than a smooth curve.

We can see in the diagram, the plate adjustment kicks in unneccassily agressively. A better representation of the corect adjustment is procuded by moving the tonal slider above the minimum measured dot and as a result a much smoother curve is created.

The slider appears when you select plate adjustment on the summary window.

Connecting to ColorDrive

As part of pressSIGN’s committment to openness users of pressSIGN GPM can now connect to Schawk’s ColorDrive server. Schawk offer a service to their clients to be able to monitor print quality and pressSIGN now provides a comprehensive tool to help meet the needs of brand owners using Colordrive.

pressSIGN proofing solution

pressSIGN is increasingly being used to confimr the color acuracy of proofs and digital print devices. The data is stored on the pressSIGN server so users can monitor the performance of all their printing devices over time and with pressSIGN Pro and GPM it is easy to make trend analysis of the data.

The latest development allows a proper proof verification label to be printed.

For a full list of new features in version 8 download the PDF