pressSIGN 9.2 Update

Date: 22 April, 2019

pressSIGN 9.2 Update

pressSIGN 9.2 is now available with some fantastic new features

Free upgrade for all pressSIGN 9 customers. See below how to upgrade to pressSIGN 9.2

Key features include

  • PantoneLIVE
  • Create Press targets based on density only
  • Softproof – view individual CMYK channels
  • Softproof shows measurement per inkzone
  • Multi-site Projects
  • Integration with Heidelberg EasyControl
  • Color Sentinel CSS-110 support
  • X-Rite iO Table XY Scanning
  • Mac Dark Mode support
  • DDA can be shown in either Absolute density or Percentage density


X-Rite’s PantoneLIVE digital libraries now available to pressSIGN GPM users. PantoneLIVE is a cloud based architecture that enables digital specification and communication of Pantone standards to all stakeholders in the global supply chain. PantoneLIVE helps maintain color consistency from specification to final print.

pressSIGN GPM allows users with a PantoneLIVE subscription to access the cloud-based server and utilise the required libraries. Printers who want a PantoneLIVE subscription should contact X-Rite or their local X-Rite dealership. For more information go to the PantoneLIVE web site.

Density only press targets

A customer asks you to print to certain densities. They won’t be convinced that the same density can produce different color. pressSIGN 9.2 will allow you to set a target density for CMYK and score against this target. Adjustments will be shown as usual.

DDA for spot colors

Since version 4.5 we have shown users how to adjust the density of spot colors. The latest release show the density range in target and the best density so far achived.

Softproof improvements

Trying to identify problems on press can be made a lot easier by opening the softproof module (part of pressSIGN Pro & GPM). Select the PDF and compare the actual measured print with the desired target. You can now turn off different CMYK channels in the softproof and identify where issues might be. In this example we are looking at the magenta plate.

In the softproof window turn on inkzones and then identify points across the sheet where measurements vary.

Multi-site projects

Brand owners and large print operations that have multi-sites can integrate jobs from multiple sites into one print project.


iO Table XY Scanning

Packaging printers who need to several patches that aren’t necessarily in a single linear row can use the XY scanning facility. Place the sheet on the iO Table choose the places you want the i1 to measure and pressSIGN remembers the points you have chosen so that the next sheet placed on the table will be read in the same place.


The output files from Heidelberg’s EasyControl can be read into pressSIGN Pro and GPM using AutoMode or manually. The data has provides all a user will need to assess print quality. In addition, we have continued to update the integration with Prinect 2019 so users can use AutoMode to automatically receive data from Inpress Control.

Color Sentinel

The CSS-110 is the first device that has been integrated with pressSIGN from Color Sentinel. It can be used as a hand held device measuring individual patches or it can read a strip.

To find out more about the CSS-110 go to the Color Sentinel web site.

There is a lot more

These are some of the highlights. In total there are 26 extra features for pressSIGN 9.2 compared with 9.1.  For a full list download the readme text file.

How to get pressSIGN 9.2.

Users who have pressSIGN 9 or pressSIGN GPM simply go to Help and Check for Updates and you’ll be able to download and use immediately with no additional charge.

Users on older versions of pressSIGN should contact their local dealer about the cost of upgrading. A demo version of the software can be downloaded from