pressSIGN Features

pressSIGN Global Print Management

For larger enterprises with print sites or suppliers in multiple locations. Centralise all measurements with pressSIGN GPM Server. Set group-wide standards, custom spot colors & more. Monitor and compare the performance of sites, presses, opera- tors, shifts etc. GPM includes the same clients and capabilities as pressSIGN-Pro. Upload print standards, color libraries, client Names etc and distribute automatically.


For those who want to ensure every print job meets the target standard. pressSIGN-Pro shows the operator how to adjust each ink key across the press. It enables export of tonal curves and provides powerful analysis tools to help improve quality and productivity.


Standard Edition – designed for basic process control curve export and of particular benefit in digital printing.


For those specifying print. Set the standard along with any Pantone® or custom spot colors. Measure the sheet using pressSIGN-PrintBuyer to confirm it meets the print target requirements.

Global Print
ISO 12647-2, ISO 12647-3, ISO 12647-4, ISO 12647-6, ISO 12647-7
GRACol G7, ISO/PAS 15339
Japan Color
CMYK ICC Profile
multi-color ICC Profile    
previous measurement
user defined
Barbieri SpectroLFP S3, SpectroSwing S2, SpectroPad S2
Color Sentinel CS-110
Konica Minolta FD-7 and MYIRO-1
Techkon SpectroDens
Techkon SpectroJet, SpectroDrive    
X-Rite 530, eXact, EyeOne / i1 Pro 2, i1iO table, iSis, SpectroEye
X-Rite EasyTrax, eXact AutoScan, IntelliTrax    
Data Import        
SVF & JDF files, CGATs from Heidelberg, Image & Axis Control, Komori PDC and Others    
Heidelberg Prinect API (from 2017 on) enables data import from Inpress Control    
Print Standards, Measurements, ICC Profiles, Color Bars, Templates
Data Export        
Tab Delimited, CXF
pressSIGN API enables 3rd party applications to gather data from the SQL database      
Global Print
label print function
pdf measurement report with Tonal Curves  
pdf scoring and production reports    
scheduled email reports      
web reports interface
Live Dashboard web server      
Information Screen Views        
summary with TVI, NPDC or CIELAB views  
ColourBar view - showing ink zones    
score trends view    
value trends view    
NPDC view
soft proof module    
make ready / production mode    
Spot Colors        
Pantone® libraries
PantoneLIVE support      
custom spot libraries
CMYK + Number of Spots 12 12 2 2
spot color tints    
Color Adjustment Information        
dynamic density adjustment for all solids  
tonal adjustments / dot gain / curve output – TVI, 4CX, NPDC options  
Site Configuration        
single site  
job synchronisation from multiple sites to a central data-center server      
synchronisation of settings from a central data-center server to remote sites