pressSIGN 10 Released

Date: 16 December, 2019

pressSIGN 10 now released!

December 2019

Following a significant R&D programme since the release of pressSIGN 9 early last year, Bodoni Systems is pleased to announce the release of pressSIGN 10.

pressSIGN development continues in its general goal to see the strengthening of support in the key application areas of Commercial Printing, Digital Printing, Inkjet Sign & Display, Offset & Flexo Packaging and Industrial Inkjet Applications. As well as ensuring support for new measurement devices, pressSIGN continues to provide features aimed towards support of Brand Owners & Print Service Providers.

Combined with further Integration with PrePress Workflows & Business Intelligence Systems and delivery of the Key Feature requests and improvements from our Customers we continue to strengthen further against Competitors.

Of course v10 also comes with bug fixes and small enhancements as detailed in the release notes.

New for v10

Live GPM Dashboard

pressSIGN 10 sees the arrival of a newly imagined live GPM Dashboard which is fully Interactive and built with a Responsive-Web interface so it’s accessible on every device. Featuring complete Job and Project Statistics that allow for stakeholders to really understand all facets of the Print network with which they are engaged. A real business intelligence toolkit.

Client Improvements

Not only is the UI supporting the new MacOS Dark Mode, the Integrated Information and Job window means no more lost floating windows allowing for flexibility in which windows are most important to the User.
Many windows are now fully context sensitive to get the User the right data quickly.

The new Improved Lab Spider image view shows the tints of each primary and allows for easy comparison between measured and target tints.

The new and improved single patch view show all colours or only solids/tints in the form of a Lab diagram allowing for simple way to show ∆E tolerance ellipse with measured L value or to compare hue tolerance of any colour.

The new 3D plot of all patches, with Rotate and zoom in/out functions allows for the comparison of colours in 3D. Specific filtering of colours using measurements, colours, or averages allows the Operator to quickly drill down to the data they are seeking.

In v10 it is now possible to generate CMYK equivalents to any Spot / Lab value and select the separations to minimise ink coverage and maximise black usage.
You can also select a minimum dot % for each ink and score brand CMYK colours as spots using any CMYK ICC profile defined as a target standard.

The new Target Colour Estimator view allows for statistical analysis of how a colourant changes at different densities and can answer the question will a colour ever be in standard? It achieves this by estimating the colour at different densities and allows for the checking of the hue and lightness of a colour at different densities.

In v10 it is now possible to include additional Job Metadata into any job. The metadata is then carried with that job and can be accessed to provide new ways of analysing overall print performance. The user can specify the key name, its value and default. This is then saved with the job and can be searched and shown in the PDF report.

A job can now be rejected outright if one critical criteria score is too low, like Spot Colour ∆E or Grey Balance etc, even if the overall job score might in the round indicate an overall pass.
User account management has been also improved to allow for easy password reset with two factor authentication ensuring security is maintained at the highest level in your pressSIGN system.

List of supported measurement devices grows

The X-Rite iSiS 2 and XL chart readers are now supported. pressSIGN 10 will continue to add spectrophotometers as they become available in the market and are appropriate for users.