pressSIGN 10.1 Released

Date: 30 October, 2020

pressSIGN 10.1 now available

October 2020

Bodoni Systems is pleased to announce the availability of pressSIGN 10.1.

We continue to invest in features that allow our customers to develop their business and expand the capabilities of PressSign into new areas. So in 10.1 we have significantly enhanced the infrastructure in areas such as database caching and archiving to allow for ongoing growth in distributed GPM and larger Systems as our customers continue to grow their networks of connected systems.

We have enhanced our measurement and Print Verification capabilities in a number of areas, for example 10.1 has a brand new White Opacity feature. The flexible dashboard has been further developed to include more information that customers have requested and work across more devices more smoothly. And of course we have fixed bugs and brought in small enhancements that we bring with every new version.

Bodoni remains committed to developing the pressSIGN ecosystem in response to the market and our customers.

New for v10.1

Paper White Opacity

Fundamental to the production of colour accurate print on films and foils is the need to print a consistent white ink base. The addition of a paper white opacity calculation is the first step in taking control.

GPM Job Sync Restrictions

To improve the veracity of job score comparisons and the names of settings, administrators of pressSIGN GPM datacenter servers can now control whether jobs using non-compliant settings, i.e. that have not been shared by them, can be synchronised from remote servers.

CMYK Density Spot Colour TVI Targets

While VLT or SCTV target curves may produce a smooth and linear transition of colour as you progress through the tint ramp of a spot colour, the flat target curve does appear strange when compared to ISO 12647 based curves for the CMYK inks. Now pressSIGN allows you to use a spot colour target curve that matches those of the C, M and Y inks.

Database Archiving

To improve the responsiveness of the live database, users can now choose to archive old jobs rather than deleting them, thus enabling the continued ability to query the print quality of old jobs when required, while maintaining the expected user experience in larger databases.

Backup & Restore UI improvements

The flexibility of the Backup & Restore window is improved with Drag & Drop being added to allow a change of folder or to initiate a Restore.

You can also now cancel a Backup or Restore if needed.

Colour Bar Creation from a Measurement

It is prudent to routinely check, or sometimes necessary to verify, the measurement accuracy of a press’ closed loop colour control system, from which pressSIGN is configured to import measurement files, by scanning a sheet offline using a connected spectrophotometer. Rather than manually creating the strip definition you can now simply click a button to copy the patch layout from a measurement, thus saving time and minimising potential errors.

List of supported measurement devices grows

The Konica-Minolta Myiro-1 portable reflection spectrophotometer is now supported for USB connections, with WiFi connectivity to follow in the next few months. pressSIGN 10 will continue to add spectrophotometers as they become available in the market where possible.