pressSIGN 11 Released

Date: 1 April, 2022

pressSIGN 11 released

April 2022

Bodoni Systems Ltd is pleased to announce the release of pressSIGN 11. We have continued to invest in all aspects of the platform to further enhance the overall value and user experience.

pressSIGN 11 broadens it’s capabilities by moving into new application areas, promoting a more practical collaboration with other print quality management tools and offering a fresh approach to spot colour evaluation.

In addition to the new features available, more about which below, a new licensing structure takes effect today which we hope will simplify the process of choosing the correct version of pressSIGN for your needs and lead to a fairer pricing structure.

All this on top of the core fundamentals that have made pressSIGN one of the most popular print quality management tools in use everyday, in thousands of sites around the world.

New for pressSIGN v11

Simplified Licensing Structure

To help us reach more customers and markets with more appropriate products, we have decided to simplify the pressSIGN product portfolio, as follows;

  • Digital replaces PrintBuyer and can create curve corrections for digital RIPs and use up to 12 spot colours in a job.
  • Trends can be purchased for use with any other client.
  • Standard can use up to 12 spot colours in a job.
  • Pro does not include the Trends client anymore and becomes more cost-effective.

Purchases of multiple licences of the same client will leverage a volume licensing discount: 2-3 @ 5%, 4-6 @ 10%, 7-9 @ 15% and call us if buying 10 or more!

All purchased perpetual licenses of v11 will include a 1 year Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), the renewal cost being just 15% per annum, and they do not require a USB dongle anymore. You can keep the old one if upgrading.

All client versions can be purchased as a GPM subscription with 1 month, 3 month, 1 year and 3 year term options available. So a Digital or Standard GPM client can sync jobs to a central DataCenter, just like Pro. They can also upload to Schawk! ColorDrive or (spoiler alert) an X-Rite ColorCert ScoreCard Server. All GPM subscriptions also get PantoneLIVE support, the Live Dashboard, Scheduled Email Reports and new features before perpetual licensees.

Open GPM Collaboration using AutoMode as a Service (AMaaS)

Open GPM is a more flexible, open and practical solution that allows brand owners and printers to build collaborative quality networks.

The import and export of Print Quality eXchange (PQX) files provided the building blocks for any PQM application to communicate quality data with any other.

The new AutoMode as a Service feature (AmaaS, Pro client only) enables jobs to be imported even when the computer is not logged-in, acting as the cornerstone of the forthcoming Open GPM web submission portal.

X-Rite ColorCert ScoreCard Server Upload

With a variety of PQM applications available on the market, printers have been under pressure from different brand owners to upload quality data using numerous systems, leading to duplication and extra cost. Now you can upload an XRGA measurement (excluding i1 Family) from a pressSIGN GPM subscription licensed client application (Digital, Trends, Standard or Pro) direct to your brand’s X-Rite ColorCert ScoreCard Server at the click of a button.

But we won’t stop at sending data to just ColorCert, watch this space for news about other upload options in the future.

GPM-Only features in 10.3 now available to ALL in v11

Custom ∆E Formulae and Visualiser

Over the last few years there has been a growing chorus of customers who want to better manage the hue error of their brand / spot colours. Rather than getting confused by needing different Hue Angle Errors for each colour, pressSIGN now allows you to customise any of the ∆E formulae with LCh ratios to make it more sensitive for what is important to the buyer. To help make sense of such changes we have created a Visualiser that shows the different colours that would be produced at the ∆E limit around the target, along with the maximum difference from one side to the other.

PQX support

Want to share your job data with another company who use a different PQM application? ISO 20616-2 was written for just such eventualities, culminating in the creation of the PQX file format, which can now be exported from or imported into pressSIGN.

Custom ∆E Tolerances

Users will now be able to create a custom ∆E tolerance for a spot colour on either an individual basis, for each job, at the library level as well as in the Press Target.

Curve Management Update

The way correction curves are saved into the database has been rewritten to allow more flexibility when switching from one workflow to another.

Barbieri SpectroLFP qb supported

The power of pressSIGN come to new print applications, such Direct to Garment and other mixed materials printing, with support for the Barbieri SpectroLFP qb.

  • M1 measurement available
  • Reflection and Transmission measuring modes
  • Media up to 20mm thick
  • Automated chart measurement
  • Switchable aperture of 2, 6 and 8mm diameter
  • Detachable spectral unit for spot measurements