Features – Reporting And Analysis

pressSIGN Reports

pressSIGN-Pro offers the production manager much better understanding about the performance of the printing devices and the operators under his control through pressSIGN’s production reports. See which operators take longest to get to production. pressSIGN-Pro provides production managers with detailed analysis reports for individual jobs and across multiple jobs. Compare the performance of

  • presses
  • digital printing devices
  • operators
  • shifts
  • consumables and paper.
  • category or sub-category

Produce a certification report for clients to demonstrate the quality of print.

pressSIGN-Pro also produces measurement report and a scoring report to give production manager’s a quick overview of any particular job.

Dynamic Reports

Create dynamic reports showing trends, comparisons and ranking. Select all the data from the server or sort by any criteria and generate reports.

pressSIGN Web Browser Reports